Natural Flow


What's the difference between Deep Tissue and Deep Pressure?

This is a question I get regularly.  While the two sound similar they are quite different and have different uses in massage.  Deep Tissue refers to the use of stripping techniques and point therapy used on the fascia, ligaments, and tendons of the muscles to promote mobility, flexibility, and healing within those areas after excessive use (as in sports) or injuries.  Deep Tissue can sometimes be uncomfortable and painful as the scar tissue is worked.  Deep Pressure refers to the use of pressure during massage.  The pressure is typically applied to the body of the muscles to help relieve the stress build up from everyday use.  Deep Pressure, unlike Deep Tissue, should not be painful.  Pain is an inflammation response by the body.  If the body is feeling inflamed during a Deep Pressure massage, then the muscles are not getting the desired results which is relaxation from stress.

What is the policy for reschedule or cancellation of a scheduled appointment?
Cancellations, re-scheduled appointments with less than 24 hours’ notice and No-show will be charged full cost of the massage service.
Should the necessity arise to make changes to your appointment, please let us know as soon as possible, this will allow for time to potentially fill the appointment with another client.
If the cancelled /rescheduled appointment is filled by another client, the fee will be waived.
Please note that if a session is currently being performed phone calls are not able to be answered.

What to expect before, during, and after a massage.

Before your massage starts we will discuss your goals for the session, touch on any concerns from previous sessions, and determine best course for those concerns.  As you prepare to lay on the table you should remove jewelry, glasses, shirt, pants, and bra (unless breastfeeding).  Underwear can be left on or removed depending on your level of comfort.  During the massage you may fall asleep, become cold, become gaseous, or experience a rumbling tummy as well as many other reactions.  All of these things are normal as the body and muscles start to relax.  These things can be embarrassing for some, but know that as a massage therapist I know how normal they are and have come to expect it.  If you become cold, please feel free to ask for a blanket.  Your comfort is my number one priority! When the massage concludes you can take your time getting up, I suggest stretching some as you start to move again and slowly sit up.  Massage increases blood circulation while in a laying position.  Getting up too quickly can lead to dizziness and sometimes a queasy feeling.  Once you are up and dressed I will check in again on your areas you were concerned about at the beginning to see if there is improvement.  And, last but not least, make sure to drink lots of water after your session.

Do you accept tips?

Yes.  Tips are appreciated but not expected.  If you feel your therapist has earned a tip for her service please feel free to leave one.  Please note that the front desk is unable to take tips on credit card for us.  Please expect to pay tips in Yen or USD.