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We will reopen the room!

Natural flow massage will reopen on 4 Sep 2020.

Considering COVID 19 situation, we open a couple of days a week at the beginning and change opening days according to the situation.

Also, there are some changes, notifications, and a few things we would like to ask for your cooperation.

Please check the website on COVID 19 / Terms and Condition page before making an appointment.

Main notifications are for:

* COVID 19

* Cancellation policy

* Price for 60 mins and 90 mins session: The price for 60 mins and 90 mins

  session have been changed.

60mins -$60.00

90mins -$75.00

Opening days for September so far are:

4(Fri), 5(Sat), 10(Thu), 12(Sat), 20(Sun), 26(Sat), 27(Sun), 28(Mon)

- days might be updated according to the situation.

We sincerely hope to support your health and well-being.

We look forward to welcoming everyone!

Natural Flow massage

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